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In The Puddle is no longer a live webcomic.

It now only exists in book form:
Buy The Book - Of Bats & Bikinis

Thanks for the fun ride all!

Favorite Comics

Morning Websites (I hit these websites every morning - tasty with morning coffee)

Other Cool Stuff
Handmade Pirate & Punk Hulahoops! - made by my friend PhilyHoops
Cique's Eco Shopping Finds - Cool, edgy, well-made, generally affordable eco shopping websites I've found.
Cique's Eco Wedding Finds - I made a list of the eco wedding registries and vendors I found.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - the homeland
Bat Conservation International - protect our endangered bats
Vivian's Bat Photography - cute bat photography
Snopes - mythbusting urban legends
FactCheck - is that politician lying?
Charity Navigator - charity ratings
Buy A Barrel For Rum -for all my readers who asked!

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